Managing Disruptive Change Demands Attention, Understanding, and Action

Managing Digital Disruption

Digital transformation is a categorical imperative for long-term success and survival. The constant stream of innovative technologies is blurring industry boundaries and redefining markets, overrunning the ability of organizations to keep up.

It Cannot Be Delegated. It Must Be Led

It may be an uncomfortable subject for many executives but an unavoidable obligation. With an investment of time and some coaching, the terminology, concepts, and principles are understandable. Digital transformation planning should begin with the assumption that technological change will permeate every aspect of the enterprise. The potential competitive advantage of the organization’s digital strategy lies in the leadership’s ability to conceptualize how technology can differentiate the organization.

Winning the Talent War

Crafting and delivering a superior customer experience requires organizations to become employee centric. Organizations have long emphasized; getting and keeping customers by exceeding their expectations profitably. Many of these branding and marketing concepts apply as well to Winning the Talent War.

Like customers, talent is in demand. Like customers, talent has choices. Like customers, you do not pick talent; they pick you. Like customers, talent shops online for jobs. Customers check ratings; talent checks reputations. Customers check prices; talent checks salaries. Talented candidates are also customers.

It has become a candidates’ marketplace.

Appoint a Chief Talent Officer

A complex and evolving position, the chief talent officer (CTO) will play a critical role in the organization’s future. With responsibility for creating the organization’s talent management strategies and building a strong employer brand and career website, the ideal candidate must have the ability to understand the changing talent management market dynamics and translate them into actionable strategies through proven leadership and communication skills.
The new adaptive business models are changing how work is done and will need new skills, knowledge, and competencies along with an innovative approach to leadership development—more digital, younger, team oriented with project management skills. Match People to Jobs through Science at and Hire Contract Tech Talent at